K Kubed™ Curriculum

Chemistry Creates

Let Keroline’s Kitchen Khemistry, LLC aka K Kubed™ , a science educational demonstration service, create an atmosphere of excitement and fun for your student or classroom in learning the fundamentals of Chemistry through using item s found in the average home kitchen.  We will explore and teach the basics of: 

Water (H2O) Chemistry

Your students will learn the importance of H2O with hands on activities that will certainly anchor the basics of matter, the building blocks of a molecule and other H2O properties that are essential to life on earth. 

Matter, Atoms, and Molecules

Your student(s) will learn more information on matter as it pertains to other kitchen found molecules such as C7H8N4O2, C12H22O11, and NaCl chemically named Theobromine, Sucrose, and Sodium Chloride or better known as chocolate, sugar and salt. Other molecules in addition to these will be explored and studied from the kitchen.

Color Chemistry

Your student(s) will learn how the colors of the rainbow as seen in nature influence how our food looks and why. The use of artificial and natural food coloring and the chemical properties of some food solutions will demonstrate the different properties of mixtures and solutions. 

K Kubed™ Demonstrations

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K Kubed™ Kits

All kits can be adjusted FOR grade level (4TH OR 7TH) AND CLASS SIZE on a case by case basis.